How To Get Back To Training After Injury And Start Performing At Your Best

Pete Fry – Founder

Hi, I’m Pete Fry – a Movement Specialist from the UK and founder of Sport Function. If you need help getting back to training after injury or surgery, we can help. As movement specialists we help you find the specific problems with your movement that are holding you back and provide you with a solution to get you back to where you want to be.

Our movement-based, research-driven approach combines knowledge of biomechanics, motor skill development, pain science and fatigue management to get you moving more efficiently and effectively.

Hands-on at the foot
We’ve helped athletes from a wide variety of sports including Powerlifting, Athletics, Touch Rugby, CrossFit, Roller Derby, Dancesport and many more. We’ve even worked with numerous physiotherapists, helping them with their own injury rehab!

Our work in this field has also given us the opportunity to write and teach education for Trainers and Therapists, helping them understand more about movement and develop their careers further.

How We Can Help YOU

We offer several services, all focused on helping you move better so whether you’ve just completed your injury rehabilitation and need to get back to training or you just want to be better at what you do, we can help.

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Injury Rehabilitation

Get back to your sport in the least possible time after injury and avoid the common injury rehab mistakes.

Sports Performance

Master the movements of your sport and reach your true performance potential.

Movement Assessment

Get your movement assessed to discover your real problem areas and what to do about it.

Post-Surgery Rehab

Rehab following surgery is often insufficient to get you where you want to be. Find out how you can get back range of movement, strength and function following surgery.

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