The Core Momentum Trainer – Definitely NOT A Gimmick

New tools are released in the fitness industry all the time, most of which are either reincarnations of tools that have been around for years, or pure gimmicks that offer no training value.

Recently I’ve started using a new tool with my clients – the Core Momentum Trainer from Escape Fitness.

This tool is no gimmick!

What Is It?

The Core Momentum Trainer or CMT is a hollow container of steel shot with a handle at either end. There are 4 basic movements with the CMT and hundreds of variations.

How It Works

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As you move the CMT the steel shot collide with the container walls and transfers force through your core and every other muscle involved in the movement. In natural human movement our muscles are primarily recruited by a reaction to bone movement – when muscles are stretched by bone movement they wake up so we can spring back and the CMT really capitalises on this. By accelerating the CMT in a movement and then decelerating the same movement, your muscles are switched on and worked doubly hard!

What’s It For?

The CMT is ideal for core training as you are able to perform full range natural movements that will take your core to it’s extremities and force it to react – giving you a great workout! But fear not – you don’t have to completely change the way you train to use the CMT. If nothing else, the CMT is an ideal addition to any gym workout program to break the monotony of your usual core training.

The CMT And Sports Training


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Where the CMT really comes is to it’s own is in sports performance training. If your interest is in performance for sport, this tool is unbeatable.

Training skill transfer for sport is notoriously hard, and traditional gym training will never give you direct transfer to sport, unless of course your sport is gym-based, like powerlifting.

The CMT is great for taking a sports movement and loading it, helping the athlete develop sport specific strength and skill.

Want To Learn More?

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