The 3 Most Common Injury Rehab Mistakes

The 3 Most Common Injury Rehab Mistakes

Learn the common pitfalls in injury rehab and how to avoid them

If you’re in the rehab stages of an injury and you want to get back to full fitness in the shortest possible time, there are a few common mistakes to make sure you avoid…

Mistake #1 – No Diagnosis

Google does not diagnose!

It’s crucially important to get your injury correctly diagnosed.

Although it may be quicker and more comfortable to do a Google search, pain should always be diagnosed by a medical professional such as a doctor or physiotherapist.

Getting your pain or injury diagnosed is the best way to get back to fitness quickly and safely.

Failure to diagnose an injury can lead your around in circles with guesswork and could even make things worse for you.

Mistake #2 – Relying On Short-Term Treatments

Massage provides short-term benefits, but sometimes a long-term approach is needed.

The temptation with any injury is to look for the quick fix and there are many options available.

Stretching, massage and dry needling are a few examples of short-term treatments and although sometimes effective, often only offer short-term solutions to your problems which can lead you into a cycle of short-term fixes.

Short-term fixes are sometimes needed but for long term results it’s a better idea to use short-term treatments as part of a long term rehab strategy.

Mistake #3 – Incomplete Rehabilitation

Every injury has a healing time – the time it takes tissues and bones to heal – and it’s important to respect this time-frame.

In the initial stages of injury it’s likely that rest is needed, and as the injury recovery time moves on and tissues heal you can start to build your movement back up.

The temptation with injury is to try to get back to doing what you do at full intensity too soon, but this is mistake – trying to get back to your favourite activity too soon can delay the healing process.

A phased return is always wise and sometimes you’ll need to address the cause of that injury too – this is particularly true of overuse injuries, like tendonitis.


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