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  2-5-2019 Max Strength/Power A. 2-2-2-2 Double Fat Dumbbell Clean & Jerk (alternating stance on jerk) B1. 4-4-4-4 Fat Dumbbell Lunge (alternating) B2. 4-4-4-4 Max Height Lunge Jump (alternating) C. Single Arm Partner Push 3x 20s max effort per side Conditioning/Skill One round of 6 minutes: 2 Minutes Belt Tag 20m Partner Push 2 Minutes [...]

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24-04-2019 Max Strength/Power A. 4-4-4-4-4 Double Fat Dumbbell Push Jerk (alternating stance) B1. 4-4-4 Fat Dumbbell Lunge (alternating) B2. 4-4-4 Max Height Lunge Jump (alternating) Conditioning/Skill 2 Rounds: Belt Tag (best of 5) 10 kcal Assault Bike Sprint Belt Tag (best of 5) Rest 2 minutes Finisher 2 Rounds: 20m partner push (I go, you [...]

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The 3 Most Common Injury Rehab Mistakes

The 3 Most Common Injury Rehab Mistakes Learn the common pitfalls in injury rehab and how to avoid them If you're in the rehab stages of an injury and you want to get back to full fitness in the shortest possible time, there are a few common mistakes to make sure you avoid... Mistake #1 - [...]

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How To Train The Glutes

How To Train The Glutes Glute Max is the largest of the 3 glutes and there are two main ways we see them trained - concentrically and eccentrically. Movements like glute bridges and hip thrusts are focused on a CONCENTRIC contraction of the glutes ie. long-to-short. Movements like squats and lunges are focused on an [...]

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How We Help People With Back Pain Get Back To Training

How We Help People With Back Pain Get Back To Training We helped Emma get back to training after years of back pain Back pain is a common condition and can often be a reason people let their training program fall by the wayside. Back pain can come in many forms - sciatica, [...]

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Don’t Get Good At Being Average

Don't Get Good At Being Average In life there are things that we are good at and things we are not so good at - sometimes we are naturally good at things and other times we have to practice. In movement, practice might be thought of as acquiring technique or skill but sometimes it's easy [...]

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How To Hit Your Abs Harder When You Train

Want to hit your abs more when you workout? Look at your thoracic spine movement... How your thoracic spine moves in relation to you pelvis dictates how much your abdominal muscles can potentially contribute to a movement. REMEMBER - Once a muscle has been lengthened in a movement it is then in a great position [...]

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HOW You Squat Dictates How Much GLUTE You Get

A lot of people spend time trying to 'activate' muscles prior to training... ...but in reality the biggest indication of muscle contribution to a movement is how much that muscle is lengthened in a movement prior to the following concentric movement. The glutes in squatting are no exception. The glutes (max and med) are at [...]

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