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How To Change Muscle Activation In Your Squat

Muscle activation is often talked about in fitness but getting different muscles to activate in a movement can be tricky, especially when you're measuring performance and the individual has had a lot of practice performing that movement in a certain way. In order to change the muscle activation in a movement we must first understand skill [...]

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How To Increase Strength Specifically For Running

If you want to increase strength specifically for running, you need to get closer to the biomechanics of running in your training As trainers, we'll often get a client that wants to get stronger for running but have you ever wondered if the standard approach of squatting and deadlifting is best? The problem with strength [...]

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Do You Experience Bail-Out Motions When You Move?

When we move we don't really know how we move, we just do it. It's a little different in the gym as we use coaching cues to direct our movement but even then we don't often control the subtleties of our movement. What Are Bail-Out Movements? If we're moving and we reach a point where [...]

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Rapid Change Of Direction – A Key To Explosive Power

When training for power and speed its important to understand the principle of the rapid change of direction. When we perform a powerful or quick movement there is usually a rapid change of direction involved. A golf swing, olympic lifting and rowing are just a few examples of sport movements that involve a rapid change [...]

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How To Improve Mobility Without Stretching

If you train regularly you probably spend a bit of time mobilising before your workout. Mobility is an important part of training and it's definitely a good idea to work on your specific areas of weakness. Do you need to improve your mobility? Common Methods Of Improving Mobility The usual approach to working on mobility [...]

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The Core Momentum Trainer – Definitely NOT A Gimmick

New tools are released in the fitness industry all the time, most of which are either reincarnations of tools that have been around for years, or pure gimmicks that offer no training value. Recently I've started using a new tool with my clients - the Core Momentum Trainer from Escape Fitness. This tool is no [...]

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Know Your Pain

If you play sport regularly its virtually impossible to stay injury-free forever. Soft tissues injuries happen to us all through sprains, strains and knocks. The only real predictor of injury is the sport itself and previous injury so there's not a lot we can do to avoid it. After a sports injury there is a [...]

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Website Update

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