The 3 Most Common Injury Rehab Mistakes

The 3 Most Common Injury Rehab Mistakes Learn the common pitfalls in injury rehab and how to avoid them If you're in the rehab stages of an injury and you want to get back to full fitness in the shortest possible time, there are a few common mistakes to make sure you avoid... Mistake #1 - [...]

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How To Train The Glutes

How To Train The Glutes Glute Max is the largest of the 3 glutes and there are two main ways we see them trained - concentrically and eccentrically. Movements like glute bridges and hip thrusts are focused on a CONCENTRIC contraction of the glutes ie. long-to-short. Movements like squats and lunges are focused on an [...]

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How We Help People With Back Pain Get Back To Training

How We Help People With Back Pain Get Back To Training We helped Emma get back to training after years of back pain Back pain is a common condition and can often be a reason people let their training program fall by the wayside. Back pain can come in many forms - sciatica, [...]

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Kayleigh’s Story – Back To Squatting Pain-Free

Kayleigh came to us unable to squat. She'd been experiencing difficulty with her squats and lunges for years and had never really got to grips with these movements, despite having numerous Personal Trainers at the gym. Often squats and lunges would become uncomfortable and sometimes painful to perform. After receiving physio to help with some [...]

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How To Rehabilitate An Overuse Injury

Overuse injuries are common in sports like running Overuse injuries in training are common. Tendonitis, shin splints and tennis elbow are a few examples of overuse injuries and often rest, stretches and isolation exercises are the prescribed treatment protocol. It may be that this kind of treatment will be all you need to [...]

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Know Your Pain

If you play sport regularly its virtually impossible to stay injury-free forever. Soft tissues injuries happen to us all through sprains, strains and knocks. The only real predictor of injury is the sport itself and previous injury so there's not a lot we can do to avoid it. After a sports injury there is a [...]

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