How To Train The Glutes

How To Train The Glutes Glute Max is the largest of the 3 glutes and there are two main ways we see them trained - concentrically and eccentrically. Movements like glute bridges and hip thrusts are focused on a CONCENTRIC contraction of the glutes ie. long-to-short. Movements like squats and lunges are focused on an [...]

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How To Hit Your Abs Harder When You Train

Want to hit your abs more when you workout? Look at your thoracic spine movement... How your thoracic spine moves in relation to you pelvis dictates how much your abdominal muscles can potentially contribute to a movement. REMEMBER - Once a muscle has been lengthened in a movement it is then in a great position [...]

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HOW You Squat Dictates How Much GLUTE You Get

A lot of people spend time trying to 'activate' muscles prior to training... ...but in reality the biggest indication of muscle contribution to a movement is how much that muscle is lengthened in a movement prior to the following concentric movement. The glutes in squatting are no exception. The glutes (max and med) are at [...]

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Improving Movement: Sequencing, ROM And Skill Development

When looking to improve a movement you need to consider both Sequencing and ROM. Sequencing and ROM are both components of skill so lets look at them individually... Sequencing Sequencing is a description of how our bones move in space - direction, rotation, speed - and how that movement relates to the bone next to [...]

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Kayleigh’s Story – Back To Squatting Pain-Free

Kayleigh came to us unable to squat. She'd been experiencing difficulty with her squats and lunges for years and had never really got to grips with these movements, despite having numerous Personal Trainers at the gym. Often squats and lunges would become uncomfortable and sometimes painful to perform. After receiving physio to help with some [...]

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How To Improve Thoracic Mobility With Movement

I had a great question from a subscriber yesterday about how to improve thoracic mobility... "How do you increase thoracic spine mobility for back bends and contortion. Especially when your lower back and shoulders want to do all the bending?" Before talking about how to target the thoracic spine with mobility exercises it's important to [...]

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How To Increase ROM In Minutes WITHOUT Stretching Or Foam Rolling

Did you know that it's possible to increase ROM in minutes, just by moving? The common approach to increasing mobility or ROM before training is often to static stretch or use a foam roller. Unfortunately ROM is largely misunderstood, especially in the fitness industry but I'll leave this statement for another blog post! For now, just understand that [...]

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How To Hit More Glutes In The Squat

Glute training is an increasingly popular addition to strength training programs and 'glute activation' is often talked about in training. The most common schools of thought on muscle activation are to either "squeeze" something when you perform a movement or perform another exercise before the main movement. The problem with these methods is that they don't guarantee you'll [...]

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How To Improve Mobility Without Stretching

If you train regularly you probably spend a bit of time mobilising before your workout. Mobility is an important part of training and it's definitely a good idea to work on your specific areas of weakness. Do you need to improve your mobility? Common Methods Of Improving Mobility The usual approach to working on mobility [...]

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