How To Train The Glutes

How To Train The Glutes Glute Max is the largest of the 3 glutes and there are two main ways we see them trained - concentrically and eccentrically. Movements like glute bridges and hip thrusts are focused on a CONCENTRIC contraction of the glutes ie. long-to-short. Movements like squats and lunges are focused on an [...]

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Improving Movement: Sequencing, ROM And Skill Development

When looking to improve a movement you need to consider both Sequencing and ROM. Sequencing and ROM are both components of skill so lets look at them individually... Sequencing Sequencing is a description of how our bones move in space - direction, rotation, speed - and how that movement relates to the bone next to [...]

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[Video] Deadlift Form Movement Analysis

Here's a voiceover video analysis of a client's deadlift form. I thought I'd post this video to give you some idea as to how we do things here at Sport Function. Once you switch your eyes on you can achieve great things with movement! Got A Question? Email us using the form below... [...]

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How To Change Muscle Activation In Your Squat

Muscle activation is often talked about in fitness but getting different muscles to activate in a movement can be tricky, especially when you're measuring performance and the individual has had a lot of practice performing that movement in a certain way. In order to change the muscle activation in a movement we must first understand skill [...]

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Do You Experience Bail-Out Motions When You Move?

When we move we don't really know how we move, we just do it. It's a little different in the gym as we use coaching cues to direct our movement but even then we don't often control the subtleties of our movement. What Are Bail-Out Movements? If we're moving and we reach a point where [...]

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