Don’t Get Good At Being Average

Don't Get Good At Being Average In life there are things that we are good at and things we are not so good at - sometimes we are naturally good at things and other times we have to practice. In movement, practice might be thought of as acquiring technique or skill but sometimes it's easy [...]

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How To Hit Your Abs Harder When You Train

Want to hit your abs more when you workout? Look at your thoracic spine movement... How your thoracic spine moves in relation to you pelvis dictates how much your abdominal muscles can potentially contribute to a movement. REMEMBER - Once a muscle has been lengthened in a movement it is then in a great position [...]

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Improving Movement: Sequencing, ROM And Skill Development

When looking to improve a movement you need to consider both Sequencing and ROM. Sequencing and ROM are both components of skill so lets look at them individually... Sequencing Sequencing is a description of how our bones move in space - direction, rotation, speed - and how that movement relates to the bone next to [...]

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Why It’s Important To Understand Movement As A Personal Trainer

If you've been in or around the fitness industry a while you've probably had exposure to a wide array of training styles, systems and programs. You've also probably developed a bias towards a particular type of training or system - it may have got results for your clients or it maybe the way you like [...]

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