Need To Improve Your Mobility?

Discover The Real Truth About Mobility And Learn How To Improve It Without Spending Hours Stretching

Discover how to improve your mobility – it’s not just tight muscles!

If you have poor mobility then there are a few things that you need to know…

The first thing to know is that poor mobility isn’t just caused by tight muscles.

There is a common misconception that poor mobility is caused by muscle tightness but a short range movement can occur for a number of reasons.

Poor mobility can be caused by:

  • Poor stability
  • Poor strength (in a specific place)
  • Poor skill (a poorly co-ordinated movement, causing a bail-out motion)

Each of these elements can affect a movement and because of this, the first step in improving your mobility is to have an assessment and find out where your mobility problems really lie.

How We Help Athletes Improve Their Mobility

Overhead Squat Movement Assessment
An Overhead Squat Movement Assessment

At Sport Function we focus on a skill based approach to help you find better movement. Instead of just looking for tight muscles we look at your movement as a whole and then find the specific area where your movement is breaking down. We then test you for weakness, instability and control as well as muscle ‘tightness’.

Step 1 – Assessment

The first thing we do is watch you move. We’ll watch you perform your problem-movement – this can literally be anything, like squatting, running or Olympic lifting etc. We’ll also get you to perform any number of other movements to get an idea of how your body likes to move ie. lunges, walking etc.

Alex experienced glute DOMS after our mobility session after lifting just the bar

Step 2 – Therapy

Once we have an idea of your movement habits we’ll then prescribe movements to help you gain more specific range of motion, strength or stability through our unique skill development approach.

Step 3 – Homework

The most important part for long-term results! If you want long-term change then your movement habits need to changed with regular practice. We’ll give you everything you need to practice your moves at home and usually as a routine to perform prior to your workouts.


This approach has enabled us to help althetes from all sports improve their mobility…

Is your movement compensated?“Finding a mobility restriction can be so demotivating. I can’t stress enough how Sport Function have opened a massive door to my planned improvements – isolating the mechanics that were holding me back very quick and then giving me very specific drills to move things on immediately.

My shoulder movement the same day has been outrageous in comparison with only 2 hours previously.

Highly recommended!!”

Billy Bancroft – Atlantic Way CrossFit

leah“I came to Pete for help increasing my overall mobility, which would improve my performance. Pete has helped change the way I look at my training and has encouraged me to explore movements that I usually would have avoided. He gives constructive feedback when I send him progress videos and appreciate his honest and approachable style of teaching.

I would (and have), recommend him to anyone looking to improve themselves at any level.”

Leah Rose – Dancer

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