Discover Your Hidden Movement Problems That Are Holding You Back

If you experience training niggles, recurrent injuries or performance plateaus it may be time to look at your movement…

Is your movement stopping you improving at running?
Is your movement holding you back?

Training niggles and plateaus in performance are very common and often brought about by poor movement. If a movement is less than optimal then poor performance occurs and if that movement is pushed to hard then injury can occur.

The way we move leaves clues as to why we’re not performing at our best so if you want to improve your performance in your sport then a Movement Assessment is a great place to start.

Personalised Movement Assessment

Every sport or activity involves specific movements and our Personalised Movement Assessment is geared specifically to you and what you do.

In your assessment we look at how you move, specifically performing the task that you want to improve. So if you run, we will look at you run. If you play golf we will look at your golf swing. And if you lift weights we will look at you lift weights.

Overhead Squat Movement Assessment
An Overhead Squat Movement Assessment

The assessment will reveal your body’s good skills and bad skills, and we will then come up with a strategy to help you improve your movement.

Our Movement Assessment includes:

  • Personalised tests, geared towards you and your sport
  • Movement assessments of the feet, ankles, knees, hips, spine and shoulders
  • Skill tests to determine balance and co-ordination
  • A breakdown of your technique
  • Exercises to take away with you a practice immediately
  • A training strategy to move forward

Once you’ve completed our Movement Assessment you’ll have learn a lot about your body and have an idea of how to move forward with your training.

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