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Pete Fry – Founder & Coach

Welcome to Sport Function!

I’m Pete Fry – a Movement Specialist – and I’ve been helping people get back to training after injury since 2014.

Being injured or in pain is no fun and having to take time off from exercise, training or sport is always frustrating.

Getting back to training after injury can take time and following the right process is essential if you want to make a fast recovery.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of bad rehab advice around that causes your rehab progress to be SLOW or NON-EXISTENT!

If stretching and strengthening muscles hasn’t worked and movement is still painful there is more you can do.

Our unique approach based in biomechanics, skill development, pain-science and coaching provides the long-term solution that you need to finally get out of pain, back to training and moving and performing at your best.

What We Do

post injury rehab specialists
We bridge the gap between physio and full-fitness

Unlike many clinic-based approaches to injury rehab, we pick things up after physio and focus on YOU and your goals.

We start with YOU and what you want to do, assess your movement skills then help you rebuild your movement step-by-step, bridging the gap between physio and full-fitness.

How We Help

There are many ways we can help, including:

…and much more.

Our unique approach has helped hundreds of people return to their training, sport or passion, often after months or years of injury, pain and frustration.

Whatever your injury, surgery or goal, our mission is to help you avoid the common rehab mistakes, start moving better and finally get back to moving, training and performing at your best.

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Injury Rehabilitation

Get back to your sport in the least possible time after injury and avoid the common injury rehab mistakes.

Sports Performance

Master the movements of your sport and reach your true performance potential.

Movement Assessment

Get your movement assessed to discover your real problem areas and what to do about it.

Post-Surgery Rehab

Rehab following surgery is often insufficient to get you where you want to be. Find out how you can get back range of movement, strength and function following surgery.

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