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Pete Fry – Founder & Coach

Welcome to Sport Function!

I’m Pete Fry – Founder & Coach – and if you need help getting out of pain and back to training after injury or surgery, you are in the right place.

Being injured or in pain is no fun and one of the big problems is that many rehab programs fall short of delivering long-term results.

If you’ve tried various things in the past like “stretching”, “strengthening”, “correcting imbalances”, “building your core” etc but you still haven’t seen the results you want then we can help.

Our unique approach based in biomechanics, skill development, pain-science and coaching provides the long-term solution that you need to finally get out of pain, back to training and moving and performing at your best.

What We Do

post injury rehab specialists
We bridge the gap between physio and full fitness

Since 2014 we’ve been helping athletes from all walks of life get back to doing what they love following injury or surgery.

We work in ANY sport and have extensive experience working with novice to elite athletes in sports like running, powerlifting, athletics, rugby, football, CrossFit, equestrian, roller derby, dance and many more.

We’ve even worked with numerous physiotherapists, helping them with their own injury rehab!

Our work has also given us the opportunity to write and teach education for fellow trainers and therapists, helping them understand more about movement and develop their careers further.

Whatever your injury, surgery or goal, our mission is to help you start moving better and get back to training by moving and performing at your best.

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Injury Rehabilitation

Get back to your sport in the least possible time after injury and avoid the common injury rehab mistakes.

Sports Performance

Master the movements of your sport and reach your true performance potential.

Movement Assessment

Get your movement assessed to discover your real problem areas and what to do about it.

Post-Surgery Rehab

Rehab following surgery is often insufficient to get you where you want to be. Find out how you can get back range of movement, strength and function following surgery.

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