How To Hit Your Abs Harder When You Train


Want to hit your abs more when you workout?

Look at your thoracic spine movement…

How your thoracic spine moves in relation to you pelvis dictates how much your abdominal muscles can potentially contribute to a movement.

REMEMBER – Once a muscle has been lengthened in a movement it is then in a great position to contract and create the opposite movement.

When the thoracic spine extends away from the pelvis the abominal muscles are lengthened and then decelerate that movement – this is an awesome way to hit your abs.

And if your thoracic spine lacks movement you’re leaving some abs training potential on the table!

In the movement in the picture, Claire is holding a short squat position and raising a pvc pipe above her head, holding her arms straight.

This move is great for testing thoracic movement, is a great thing to do prior to an abs workout or as part of an abs workout with a tool like the Core Momentum Trainer.

If you find this movement hard, it’s probably the case that you lack range in your thoracic spine and/or shoulders so keep practicing and the ROM will come in time, if that is your goal!

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