Pain-Free Squatting

Kayleigh’s Story – Back To Squatting Pain-Free

Kayleigh came to us unable to squat. She’d been experiencing difficulty with her squats and lunges for years and had never really got to grips with these movements, despite having numerous Personal Trainers at the gym. Often squats and lunges would become uncomfortable and sometimes painful to perform.

After receiving physio to help with some initial problems, Kayleigh wanted to get back to training and be able to move without the usual discomfort so she was referred to us for help with her movement.

On initial assessment it appeared that Kayleigh had no major problems with her movement at all and after physio clearance it appeared that her body and brain simply needed re-educating about movement – learning some new ways of moving and learning that perhaps squatting didn’t have to hurt after all.

One thing that did pop up in the initial assessment is that Kayleigh’s single leg stability could use some improvement so the first thing we did was run through some hip stability exercises.

Squat variations for skill development
Squat variations for skill development

After training the hip to work better in an unstable environment we went straight back to squatting with a few short range squats.

These squats were pain-free so were then able to add some variations into the squat, each one asking something new of the body and challenging different muscles – all resulting in pain-free movement.

After a few minutes of this skill-development style of training I asked Kayleigh to perform her squat again, this time in a full range.

The result? A pain-free, comfortable squat.

Kayleigh was obviously delighted with this and in the next session we added a barbell to the squat and added a little weight, all pain-free.

We’re continuing to progress each session increasing range of motion and skill in all parts of the squat and gradually adding weight week by week, ultimately giving Kayleigh the confidence to get back to the gym and start training again.

Here’s what Kayleigh said about our work together…

Pain-Free Squatting

“I started working with Pete following a physio referral for a list of mobility issues that have led to difficulty performing pain free squats and lunges in particular. After just a couple of sessions with Pete, he has assessed my movement and identified what causes the pain and I have been able to perform a weighted bar squat pain free for the first time in years!

Pete has a great deal of patience, understanding and empathy and not only has he began to tackle the mobility issues and lack of confidence I have developed in relation to exercise as an outcome; he has also tackled a more recent ankle injury without letting it impact on the progress made so far!

I am finally beginning to enjoy exercise again after being close to giving up completely! I’m excited to continue making progress with Pete’s expertise and I look forward to exercising pain free as I now believe that can and will happen! HUGE thank you!!”

Kayleigh Rosewell, Cardiff, UK


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