Movement Assessment

Discover The Hidden Movement Problems Holding You Back

Training niggles, overuse injuries and plateaus in performance are very common in training and your movement can often play a part.

For example, if an inefficient movement is pushed too hard or too often then an overuse injury can occur, like tendonitis.

The way we move leaves clues as to why we’re not performing at our best so if you want to improve your performance in your sport then a Movement Assessment is a great place to start.

Movement Assessment

A movement assessment will help you discover exactly how you move so you can start moving more efficiently.

Our Movement Assessment includes:

  • Specific & personalised tests geared towards YOU and your sport
  • Assessment of the feet, ankles, knees, hips, spine and shoulders
  • Balance and co-ordination test
  • A biomechanical breakdown of any movement that’s causing you problems
  • A training strategy to move forward

Once you’ve completed our Movement Assessment you’ll have learn a lot about your body and have an idea of how to move forward with your training.

…and much more.

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    Latest Testimonial

    How we helped trail runner Cameron overcome his persistent training injuries and get race-ready…

    “Finished up an amazing 12 week program with @sportfunction and even though this picture shows some great visual improvements, more importantly I feel like I’m running so much better. Running feels easier and a feel like I’m floating along trails right now.”

    “3 months of training has lead me to my first big race this year in 10 days time. The first time I’ve got myself to the start line without a major setback” – Cameron Lacey-Coles

    More Testimonials

    “It’s difficult to put into words what Sport Function has done for me. I went to Pete with a history of knee injuries from basketball. An incomplete rehab process after surgeries during which I never fully recovered – and all of the issues that followed.

    I’ve tried every physio in town, only to find out their approach never actually worked for me. I was looking for somebody who would drill down and treat the cause rather than the resulting problem, because I knew it would only keep occurring if I didn’t find what was causing it.

    Pete has a very customised, agile and responsive approach to his work – no two clients are alike! He appreciates the unique biomechanics of the body and helps identify movements that are comfortable or uncomfortable. Not only is he very knowledgeable but you can see how he applies what he knows during each session depending on what your body and certain movements are indicating.

    What I loved most is the fact that he educated me along the process. He was able to explain, jargon free, why I was feeling discomfort during certain moves, and then helped me overcome this and build a better me.

    The physical improvement is a fact – I still do my specific homework every other day and always before a basketball game! But what’s even more remarkable in my case is that I no longer worry about my old injuries and I no longer think that the way I move is broken.

    It is simply my way, which now thanks to Pete is pain-free! I feel confident and fearless.”

    – Victoria Agova

    “Prior to working with Pete, like many people, I based my training programme on a combination of “conventional wisdom” and the results of online research into sports science trends (which is a minefield of often-unqualified opinion).

    Pete is very good at focusing on specific training objectives, tailoring one-to-one sessions accordingly. It’s a very different approach and makes perfect, logical sense when explained by Pete.Regarding my sessions, I’ve had a history of groin and hip flexor injuries and tried many different rehab strategies, with limited success.

    Amongst other things, Pete designed a warm-up routine that targets the area of my previous injuries and, whilst some of the movements make me look ridiculous, they have kept me injury free through a pretty tough training year (which seems like a fair trade).

    I think most people start working with Pete as a form of injury rehabilitation and, presumably like most people, I spent only a small proportion of my sessions focusing on this rehab. The majority of the sessions were then spent on improving the primary skills required for my sport.

    So, I strongly recommend working with Pete if you have injuries to rehabilitate…but I also recommend working with Pete if you don’t have any injuries and simply wish to improve your performance.”

    – Gareth Revell, Touch Player & Coach (Cardiff Raptors & Wales)

    Ankle rehabilitation exercises with Physio Katie
     Ankle rehabilitation exercises with Physio Katie

    “I started seeing Pete a few weeks ago after sustaining ankle ligament damage when playing rugby. I was having difficulty walking, going up/down stairs, driving, even just moving my ankle due to pain.

    After one session with Pete my ankle improved and has continued to every week I now don’t have any difficulty with the tasks I mentioned and can complete them all pain-free.

    I understand the importance of rehabilitation as I am a Physiotherapist myself but everyone sometimes need a little extra help.

    Working on increasing ankle range of movement, foot movement mechanics and stability combined with some additional hip work my ankle has improved significantly and I am sure I will return to playing rugby in the near future with Pete’s help.

    Using a variety of equipment from a Gripr to CMT this has improved my own knowledge in rehabilitation. Thank you!”

    – Katie Davies, Physiotherapist

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